Mar 25, 2014

Burch & Purchese Sweet Studio - 647 Chapel Street, South Yarra VIC 3141

Green Tea, Pistachio, Cassis & White Chocolate Cake (pistachio frangipane, cassis jelly, green tea meringue, pistachio cream, vanilla & white chocolate mousse, cassis curd, chocolate velvet spray and green tea sponge).

Explosive Raspberry Milk Chocolate Cake (raspberry cream, raspberry marshmallow, fresh compote, choc chip cookie crumb, red chocolate velvet sprayed raspberry & milk chocolate mousse and chocolate popping candy).

Unfortunately as pretty as they look, and as intricate and time-consuming they are to make, I really find the cakes from B&P (based on the ones I’ve had) are regrettably more for looks than anything. Cutting into the cake, it really is a pleasant surprise to see all the different layers of colours within the cake, but then actually eating the cake, the flavours tend not to tie together. The flavours are definately interesting, not foul or anything, but I just wouldn’t go back for another slice.

With the green tea cake, I really tried to give it a chance…. it took almost the fourth slice (later in the week of course xD) before I even started to enjoy the cake, which was really disappointing! The cake had a slight tartness to it, with the white chocolate mousse on the outside providing the sweetness. There was some bitterness from the green tea sponge that came through, but it was not what I am used to in terms of green tea sponge cakes. The jelly and other layers, really didn’t add much… I seemed to enjoy the white chocolate mousse on the outside the most!

For the raspberry milk chocolate cake, it also had a slight tartness to it with a raspberry flavour through the cake that was not too overly rich with chocolate but again not providing me any excitement to go for another slice. I gave B&P a second chance with this cake, but still nothing impressive from the previous.

Based on the cakes I have ordered, B&P is somewhere to go for a cake that looks a little bit more special, and you aren’t so fussed in terms of taste!

I definitely won’t be rushing back to try any of the other full sized cakes B&P have to offer, but if I am in the area I wouldn’t mind giving B&P another chance with their other range of sweets!

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